Now I am trying really hard to avoid the temptation about writing more on BREXIT; I have through previous blogs made what I believe to a viable case for the only choices we may have and the narrowing window of opportunity; there’s NOT really much I can add. However, when the absurdity reaches a certain level I find it difficult to maintain silence – not good for my health 🙂 So today when we listen to Theresa May suggesting she know’s a thing or to about Negotiating Tactics when it comes to the BREXIT negotiations  I find it shocking that she has the courage to make such a bold statement with all the shambles we know so far – probably more to come because I trust her in that sense. The only way this statement may be excused is if we were some how in a coma for the last 2 years. But beyond Theresa May’s “tactico’s” – or “nachos” if you prefer –  let me suggest that for such a corrupt/utterly incompetent character to be leading the country for over 2 years now says more about the state of the broken politics we have than any questions about Theresa May or even the question of BREXIT in of itself; weak Liberal parties with no effective leadership/vision beyond the good old leadership from behind – (follow the vote approach) and a Democracy in peril – all in all a perfect environment for internal/external influences from unaccountable forces to shape “our” future – this in fact is what BREXIT has become (while some would argue to change the wording to “has always been about from day one – if we follow the money”). Talk about EU influence as a reason for BREXIT; we ain’t seen nothing yet particularly when sources become invisible and we become more desperate – with pride of course. Discussion on the details of any deal is a distraction from the real questions that should be asked about the process of BREXIT irrespective of IN/OUT; so as I always mention when the process is flawed negotiations will not fix but exacerbate the problems moving forward particularly that it is futile to devise a process as you go – so as I mentioned before we’re problems are concerned BREXIT will merely mark the end of the beginning NOT the beginning of the end as some hope.

Hope this helps, though I don’t actually think it will because – the liars (see link below) – are the one’s in charge! 

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