Pint Pal Boris Johnson speaks his mind again but this time though he does make sense  when criticising the UK government’s BREXIT talks strategy, saying it lacks “guts” and suggested Donald Trump – of all people – could do a better job. He’s certainly free to express his opinion though it is a significant statement that demonstrates that there isn’t really plenty that separates the ideologies driving both systems. This in reality has been the core thrust of the BREXIT strategy/planning from day 1 of the debate with all the funding/coordination between these 2 camps. If people are honest about it you will find many among the BREXITEERS in this Conservative party (the British version of the GOP in the US) who are quite supportive of the Trump leadership – and I use the term leadership reservedly – but keep quiet about it so that there is no “meltdown of BREXIT” as the Pint Pal suggested.

As for the PM’s suggestion that “People want us to get on with it”. Well PM; if that were the case you wouldn’t be loosing your majority in the last parliamentary elections and you wouldn’t have to bypass your slim majority by partnering with the DUP – in normal elections that would be acceptable but when you signal this level of weakness/sleaze at a crucial time in our nations history merely to help force through confused/farcical/inconsistent views/negotiation strategies of your front/back bench hardliners – the only ones who really want you to get on with it at any cost – then it is in every sense of the word an abuse of your powers – some of the unfortunate loopholes in our supposedly Democratic system. On the other hand if we continue to turn a blind eye to this level of political corruption/radical ideology then it is our choice and we’ve got no one else to blame for this mess and with plenty more of it on to come because dear friends BREXIT turned out NOT TO BE BREXIT but a Travesty. Finally when suggesting you’re in control let me point out that your opinion doen’t really count for much but actions do; from constantly put out fires in your cabinet who seem to be out of sync to making frequent personnel changes to constant flip/flops in your negotiations – these are hardly attributes compatible with a PM in control. This is not new by the way as I eluded to in previous posts where I emphasise that you’ve never really been in control and your sole focus/aspiration to remain PM and like Conservatives members in Congress in Trump land your party supporters just want you in there to direct you in achieving their objectives. The reality is that you are; the wrong person in the wrong place in a very wrong time.


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