Yesterday we here of Labour’s John McDonnell with a statement about the options for a 2nd Referendum – link below, and later that same day Keir Starmer kicks in with a contradictory message about that same subject – suggesting Option to Remain would be considered within a 2nd Referendum. Now I am slightly concerned of breathing before another “Twist”; I understand dancing is good for you health but with this constant motion one is liable to fracture the spine. So the question who – if anyone – speaks for the Labour party and more importantly you begin treating the Labour Phenomenon like a child you meet for the first time and ask; What’s your name? How old are you? What have you been up to? It is true that identity crisis do creep up from time to time in political parties but for the main “opposition” party what a “Time”….what a “Time”! 

I also suspect – as mentioned in my previous post – that eagerness for Vote over Vision is what’s killing many of our political parties which is a very sad state of affairs; normally you have a vision in sync with your ideology and grass root base – bottom up NOT top down – then make a case for it, right? What seems to be happening is that political parties through the leadership are coming up with novel cowboy solutions to issues that do not conform with the views of their base – something to do policy formulation in political parties which is something I’ve written about plenty since my previous membership in the Liberal Democrats. In other words political careers become a joy ride for many of our politicians that is largely disconnected from the views of the base particularly on national & foreign policy. Then we wonder why people views on politicians is dismal, which is precisely why the public needs to become more politically engaged than ever on both national & foreign policy because both have a direct impact on our country & neighbourhood. We also need to push back on influences from un-accountable/un-elected lobbyists/special interest people/groups who do nothing but undermine our own power.

Finally for all you newbies to the Twist, here’s a peek – though mind you it’s way before my time – in a way 🙂

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