We keep hearing that great slogan from the “so-called” government in Britain that a “No Deal is better than a Bad Deal”, a common sense principle that has been overstretched to beyond the limits “just to capture our Imagination away from the reality of the Negotiation, and here’s why; this principle we use in normal life when we try to get a good deal for say buying a house where it gives us leverage because the seller knows full well we can walk away with the knowledge that “we will not be adversely affected if we choose to do so”; and here lies the key difference that morphed this principle into something it was never meant to be.  The reality of the situation here is that we know – and more importantly the EU knows – full well that the adverse effects will be more profound for the UK than it is for the EU if we leave without a deal. This is precisely why despite all the difficulties in the negotiations and the grandstanding of the “so-called” British government to project power they’re still back at the table – and very eager to meet with their EU counterparts – with ever growing concessions including among others the large exit bill (I’ve actually challenged the government in previous posts to put their money where their mouth is and quit talks if they’re confident enough about our future post BREXIT). Equally important is the fact this grandstanding bluff of using the principle mentioned above is actually on us – an own goal if you like; why? well because irrespective of deal or no deal both sides will eventually blame the government for giving up too much or too little particularly when reality starts biting, and all thanks to this simple slogan of a re-morphed principle. This is precisely why I mentioned in previous posts that BREXIT – if it happens – will NOT be the end but merely the end of the beginning for the “government”, the Conservative Party and the country’s problems and it all stems from a simple flaw; the flawed process that triggered article 50 and continues to this day; patches & “morphing” objectives don’t work my friends. The only way out is a 2nd Referendum – NOT like the first – but one that is detailed, clear and factual and NOT tainted by ideological narratives. Equally important is accountability for this mess we’re facing today, for squandering resources and undermining both our reputation & Democracy through power play & archaic politics/ideology that belongs more to old centuries of empires than through the hard earned lessons of the 20th century and the realities of the 21st century.

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