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Today I read an article in The Independent by Naomi Firsht, making her views loud & clear on BREXIT (link below). I decided to dedicate this post in responding to Ms. Firsht, so here goes;

I kind of understand your dilemma, because well we’re all facing in in one way or another the same thing despite our different positions. The part about the complete/utter incompetence of Theresa May that much I am certain the majority agree. I also happen to agree about weak leadership/inconsistent position of Labour. But here’s what I don’t understand; why is there fear from BREXITEERS from a 2nd Referendum if there is certainty about what the British people want/voted? Talking Democracy, so what if the vote is overturned? Isn’t this a quote from David Davis himself; If a democracy cannot change its mind, it ceases to be a democracy”. Isn’t this how elections change governments? And when you suggest that it is dangerous to change Theresa May at this stage for fear of overturning the Referendum by LibDems, what does that suggest about your definition of Democracy? Is it a “Sting”operation; a term I used in many posts by the way about the government’s approach towards BREXIT and it’s matches exactly how you seem to view this. Is this a different kind of fearmongering than the one mentioned in your article or it bears no relation to it whatsoever? What are we supposed to when seeing the many negative signs of BREXIT – should we carry on and hope for the best or STOP to check if we’ve got it wrong/fix it – would that be your own approach if the car you’re driving becomes unstable and parts coming off for any reason, do you carry on? The problem we’re all having is pretty simple; we all want the piece of Democracy “cake” that suits our narrative/belief system but NOT when these become under threat; in which case no thanks much, let’s talk sports or entertainment. I would suggest reading any of my posts below but here’s a summary;

For me and many others it’s more about a flawed Referendum that set false choices/expectations which turned out to be way off the mark & with NO precise vision of BREXIT; it was NOT just about in/out because there were debates about what it means to be in/out with the sky being the limit about definitions/expectations. This not to mention the meddling/illegal influence we continue to learn about every day as well as triggering article 50 without a viable plan which should also raise legal/accountability questions. All this compounded with the fact that – considering the importance of the issue – no inclusive approach was defined from the start to allow all views in parliament to be  part of the process NOT just to pass info but to engage/shape a viable plan to exit – before triggering article 50. So for politicians now to suggest that somehow once we have a decision we can then try and debate it is NOT – with all due respect – the right way to go about it because a flawed process produces flawed choices/decisions. Though I am Remainer heart & soul what really matters to me – and the political eco system will make it hard for you to take this at face value – is ensuring the process – particularly in such an important decision that affects us for generations – is air tight in terms of fairness & legality; this to me is more important than in/out in of itself. I am also no proponent of the EXIT BREXIT campaign rubbish because it does nothing but exacerbate divisions and does not provide answers; that’s precisely why I was critical of Vince Cable despite having been a Liberal Democrat member since 2005 till 2016 because that’s the wrong approach of leading from behind with no vision just convenience & the preoccupation with social media “likes” & membership numbers.

In my mind what we lack today more than in any other time in our history is true ethical Leadership that guides us out of these difficult times & unites all under 1 inclusive vision, one that is based on facts & reality and driven NOT by personal prejudices but by what is best for Britain. Equally important is that what started through the voice of the people should also be guided by the voice of the people through a 2nd Referendum or a national election (my own personal preference based on link below) based on clear visions of Britain In/Out (2 specific plans) and proper guidelines for debate/funding; with security measures in place to ensure no internal or external meddling in the process – that’s how significant this decision is for this country.

Beyond all let’s STOP talking in the mirror – our support base – and instead talk to each other directly from different sides of the argument because we also know that the current political eco system is broken and needs fixing at some point; but until then let’s try and get some compromise achieved and help lead politicians to where we want to be through political activism and standing up for our shared values for the sake of our country because BREXIT or No BREXIT we’re vulnerable when we’re divided to that level.

Finally, let’s judge our performance based on our own actions & failures before pointing fingers at the EU or any other entity particularly that we know little about the intricacies of the negotiations; and if you tend to follow the narrative of the clan running this country headed by the person we both agree is incompetent (“spineless leader” in your own words), well then you’re definitely stronger than I am.

Hope that helps

P.S. I am sorry, did I mention something a while back about a brief summary of my views; if I did please ignore that bit or all bits if you insist 🙂

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