Justine Greening the former education secretary finally smells the coffee – welcome to planet Earth; we are by and large friendly species here (leaving Covfefe alone for the moment). The question of BREXIT is no longer about the right thing to do for the country – this we know – but equally important is the time/resources it gets us to that corrected path in or out (i.e. smelling the coffee before it rots) and as mentioned in previous posts squandering money by the current mob style government in triggering article 50 with no viable plan should NOT go unnoticed. A second referendum by itself without unbiased clarity of both options only makes matters worse and politicians will once again use the opportunity to put spin/confusion about the choices. We need simple/clear  unbiased options by independent experts – let’s call it the “semi-white paper” considering the bad reputation the clan gave to the term “white paper” – so that if/when a 2nd referendum is agreed upon it has every potential to be a well informed choice as mentioned in my previous post below – more simple facts/less politics & no spin.

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