More companies warning about the consequences of BREXIT uncertainty. Now here are a few relevant questions; 

  1. How do we assess/monetise the damage that is now being done – on a daily basis – to the British economy due to the sham approach in triggering article 50 and going into negotiations without a realistic vision/plan?
  2. Who’s paying for this mess and who should be held accountable for it or is  squandering private money an offence while squandering public money part of the job? 
  3. What kind of position do we have as a country – with the clan running it – going into a negotiation with all the warning signs of the affects of their policy and the damage its doing to our reputation? When we hear the government bragging about paying the NHS via a future dividend one should actually ask what will the value of the Sterling – and the state of the economy considering also the extra spending needed to exit the EU – be when it’s time to collect. These are promises that actually mean very little and are only designed to expedite the path to the exit doors.  

The evidence is mounting that the current government & PM are not only unfit to run the country at such as critical stage, but they should be held legally accountable for squandering resources and more importantly damaging our reputation by the way they handled the BREXIT process since triggering article 50. This is not strictly a matter of politics and there should be legal ramifications because it is in every sense of the word a case of Dereliction of Duty. Worse still the PM continues her pack of lies at this late stage in the game suggesting that the latest parliamentary vote will ensure a “smooth” BREXIT; which “Smooth” BREXIT are you talking about PM? Are we talking about the same BREXIT or is there a new one on the horizon? What is your definition of Smooth or were you suddenly thinking about “Smoothy” the drink when you made that statement? If you really meant Smoothy that all I can tell you is that your leadership of this country has/will NOT be a “Smoothy” ride – more like a disaster for the country.

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