In a recent statement by Theresa May she asks the EU to show respect. Here’s the pickle you face (and we face in extension); respect is something you earn Theresa May and for many in this country you have not achieved that objective in 2 years mis-managing the most consequential negotiations in our history. In other words you’re clearly the weakest link in the negotiations and the EU is not your problem; your credibility amongst your own people is and that’s precisely why you avoid every opportunity to test it particularly after your party’s dismal performance in the last parliamentary elections. So your failure to unite the country and lack of credibility at home is you problem NOT the EU – though of course we know it is both a political convenience you typically/consistently use as a strategy when facing your own/growing failures – pass the blame onto someone else – which is slowly becoming your mantra in governance (now that’s an achievement no one can take away from you…ever). That’s as much as I need to say Theresa May.

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