We’ve lived and continue to live in exciting times with this BREXIT saga which has become more of an egotistical/political mix of a game for many of our politicians; I’d actually rather give them each an Xbox or Sony Playstation with the help from the gaming industry to urgently develop a politics game for them to keep busy away from the distraction of destroying our future. Why all this you may rightly ask; Well today we have yet another twist to the tale thanks to the Labour MP John McDonnell suggesting something Quite Novel by supporting a 2nd Referendum with this caveat “only if it is a vote on the deal itself” – i.e. NOT the remain option. Of course we fully understand that Mr. McDonnell is very keen to protect our Democracy from us the public and we appreciate it his efforts very much. So now we’re no longer looking at Morphing BREXIT it’s now time for our “genius” politicians to turn their attention towards morphing the options we have on the vote – just to keep us safe from self-harming ourselves. 

All this and we’re quite bothered the EU is not taking our politicians seriously; sorry I am not taking you lot seriously either simply because our politics is driven by Political Hacks that as far as Democracy/Democratic governance is concerned Talk the Talk but NOT Walk the Walk.

Shame on you; the disgusting bunch.

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