This to me is merely another demonstrations of the super power’s historic contribution to the Middle East which continues to this day – meddling in the region for strategic interests irrespective of consequences. The problem is compounded by most countries in region being too weak/ignorant & with plenty of historical baggage that they see no way but to just play along in a self destructive game. A new vision/approach from within the region is in order led by new generation of politicians keen to turn a page; it can & should happen otherwise this spiral of violence will be unsustainable and will in all probability lead to the spread of violence/conflict throughout the region. The Palestinian issue is but one element of it with many similar complex issues that need to be resolved. The West should now play a strategic part in bringing the parties together without supporting (or seeming to support) one side over another or interfering in the settlement process itself; this has to be viewed in the context of “direct” security/strategic interests in resolving these issues and positioning/influence in support of such efforts is of the utmost importance to make it happen. We also need to remember that many of the conflicts in the region are interconnected and cannot be resolved in isolation of others – an element that seems to escape many politicians and has led to prolonged/escalated conflicts in this region.

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