Incredible statements coming from Stephen Miller, Senior Advisor to the US President (supported by the President himself in a recent tweet)-statements one would expect out of the former Soviet Union or an old/unsophisticated 3rd world authoritarian regime like that of Idi Amin in Uganda. There is no grey area here; it is a flat out assault on Democracy-and where, in “The Land of the Free” of all places. This is really shocking stuff-but then again this only reaffirms my belief that this administration is in of itself the ultimate security threat. Now something has to give-and quickly-if the United States is to reverse this downward spiral. It ain’t about Republicans or Democrats, but about Americans who need to come to the rescue at this critical juncture in their history by making a mostly unified statement both to politicians and to the Trump administration. The longer this untempered attitude by the current administration is left unchecked the harder it will be for the US to recover from this mess. Though I am no expert in the US Constitution/Separation of Powers-I suspect there could be potential for a bipartisan message that sets basic guidelines for the administration with a threat of Impeachment-I would have thought based on recent developments alone there could be sufficient grounds for such a ruling.

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