Thought to share this truly brilliant interview with Edward Snowden about the absurdity of accusations against him with his insight on information security and regulation. Just on personal level alone he does not come through as a criminal but rather a visionary with quite an intricate understanding of technology and how it can/is being abused in the name of a distorted definition of National Interest/Security. This is the kind of guy you would want to advise/lead in an information age that’s become more of a liability rather than it is a benefit due to our fascination with new technology that drives us faster than we can think.

Anyway I hope you find this clip useful and more importantly allows you – as it has for me – to think more about the impact of technology on our Freedoms and Value Base for a change rather than follow the trend of constant fascination with the technology in of itself and here’s why; we should adapt technology to our values rather than have technology distort/adapt them (just imagine legitimate companies developed specifically to hack).

PS: A lengthy interview but in my opinion worth every minute

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