While the west is treating the Ukraine crisis with actions one would expect post the fall of Ukraine like (sanctions – increase in defence spendingmovement of troops within countries bordering Ukraine and even having the guts to discuss the future of a Ukraine government in exile) and yet the blood is still flowing on the ground in Ukraine and no one wants to do anything about it. The fact of the matter is the aggressor is too powerful and threatening the nuclear option (forget about Ukraine not being member of the exclusive NATO or EU club because that did not stop major western powers from intervening in other non-European conflicts that did not meet similar criteria like the one we see here). But its also worth remembering some facts here;

  1. Unlike Crimea these crisis have been approaching in slow motion and there could been have military actions on the ground that made it clear Ukraine would be protected as a powerful deterrent in case of Russian aggression. This was also the point where sanctions should have kicked in rather than waiting until the moment when no form of sanctions could reverse the clock – the moment when actual Russian invasion began.
  2. Cheering Ukrainians/commending them for their bravery (please politicians STOP doing that it is truly/foolishly disingenuous & disgusting!) and promising to help refugees while turning a blind eye in their moment of need is nothing but a smoke screen to try and obscure the fact that the western alliance itself has become nothing but a smoke screen when push comes to shove.
  3. We seem to be treating Ukraine still as part of Russia rather than a fully fledged independent state thus following the Kremlin playbook. In fact we should consider any military involvement in Ukraine or any other breakaway state from the Soviet Union as purely a defensive measure to protect these states and civilians based on their own demand for military assistance. Any independent nation has the sole right to defend itself and to ask for assistance in doing so and thus cannot be construed as an attack on Russia; it is Russia that is being the aggressor in this scenario and is in breach of International law. Maybe just maybe we got into this mindset when Crimea was allowed for one reason or another to fall.
  4. Playing the fear factor game when it comes to Nuke’s; what then happens if a NATO member is under attack or if same Russian tactic is applied elsewhere by Russia or another power in Europe or beyond? In other words if Nuke’s are a deterrent from taking action then what’s the point of spending trillions in military capabilities if we’re not in the business of defending ourselves and protecting our interests in facing up to our major adversaries. Also if nuke’s are indeed a deterrent It does indeed make good sense that many other nations are trying to gain nuclear capabilities to bypass any form of military response for their own aggressive actions – that’s the new world order we’re promoting.

4. We have to understand something very simple; the ability of the EU & US to defend their interest militarily is in and of itself a valuable asset. Once this asset is proven to a complete/utter fake proposition economic foundations slowly but surely crumble due to 2 factors;

  • increased breaches to world order and the resulting geopolitical/economic ramifications resulting from that
  • internal vulnerabilities that allow adversaries to abuse our democratic governance model with impunity.

Also note that the reason this proposition becomes fake is the fact that to achieve a balance of powers there needs to be a balance in taking risks to achieve superiority/deterrence – and this is precisely where the west falls on its face as we see repeatedly when confronting Russia and China. One day President Kennedy in weighing all the options took the risk of quarantining Cuba; I wonder if a similar strategy would have saved Ukraine as a protection mechanism.

So to sum up; the approach of turning a blind eye in the hope that the Ukraine crisis end swiftly without western military involvement and with current weak leadership we have in Europe and US we are in effect setting the stage for a very bumpy road into an unknown future – so expect to be surprised for a long time to come. If I were a leader in the EU/US exclusive club I would be praying that these crisis do not end before we take a powerful stand on the ground to ensure both Ukraine is secure/protected and a proof that impunity is no longer a consideration so as to deter from similar actions of destabilising world order in future. However considering this is an unlikely scenario let me end by this comment; Boy has this ruling generation really screwed things up because of their little grasp/appreciation of past lessons/sacrifices- shameful!

Finally and to be completely fair/honest; there’s no question that the Ukraine crisis has been treated differently in western media and by western governments demonstrating the double standards in dealing with other major crisis around the world; but that’s another story that we’ll need to look at once the crisis are over if we have any hope in achieving any sense of balanced world order. After all crisis as you should know by now don’t just disappear into thin air by themselves without eventually affecting us all.

Just a thought!

No One Wants War

But The Ability to Take Prudent Defensive Action Is The  Only Way to Defend Our Interests, Deter Aggressors & Maintain World Order

So where do we go from here????

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