It may well be that due to the special historical relation between Russia & Ukraine and Ukraines successful existence outside the Russian sphere of influence this in itself is considered by the Russian regime a threat to the Russian governance model and the iron curtain built to protect it. This may well prove to be the reason for this fabricated conflict in the first place. This is also the main reason why the west should do all possible to protect Ukraine’s independence as it may provide the key to unpacking the Russian threat for good and allowing ordinary Russians to finally taste freedom from this suppressive regime while helping rebuild a solid/sustainable bridge towards the west. In other words if played right this challenge can be transformed into an opportunity for change in Russia itself which translates into a win-win proposition for all sides.

Just a thought!

And Yet

Not 1 Western Nation Offers Even Symbolic Number of Troops to Help Ukraine Defend Itself

This While the Most Vulnerable (the elderly, women & children) pay the ultimate price in front of our eyes


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