When talking sanctions who actually believes this was not part of Putin’s calculation prior to his attack on Ukraine? Do sanctions actually save lives? Who believes sanctions are a deterrent rather than an incentive for further aggressive actions not just against in Ukraine and former Soviet states but against the west in general both through cyber attacks but also through Russian regime proxy’s throughout the west? The EU & US unity in confronting Russia through sanctions when there is a breach of world order at Europe’s backyard does not represent strength but rather a complete impotence of the west not just in understanding the term “values” that we’re always preached about by the so-called “leaders” but a shameful disregard to the historical context for the evolution of the western alliance itself. Imagine with me if you will that hypothetically the same situation occurred by say Iraq invading Kuwait! Well, as many of you probably know you don’t need to hypothesise  much as this actually happened in 1990. So why you may ask was there a swift military response both in this and the 2nd Iraq war – this was not a European conflict after all? It’s all about feasibility in terms of both the military weakness of the aggressor and the vast amount of financial incentives behind controlling an oil rich region as well as the arms sales benefits that would result from such intervention; in other words a purely (or mainly) transactional calculation. Unfortunately this capitalist approach to foreign policy is undermining the west at so many levels to the point of irrelevance. Consumerism and protecting profits has replaced protecting values and ideology. Let me suggest the so-called World Order it took generations to build – imperfect as it is – will likely crumble in the face of authoritarianism and their bedfellows the “alt-rightism” and by the looks of things there is nothing that the west can do about it. Boy, do I hope I’m wrong!!

Just a thought!

As JFK was quoted as saying (whether or not true)

Domestic Policy Can Defeat Us 

Foreign Policy Can Kill Us

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