Little does he know that the EU is promising a new  set of “Sanctions” and “considering” holding Putin accountable for this genocide in Ukraine; they’re always keen to keep our eyes on the future in order to ignore the present, bless their soul…. Truly amazing to watch the contrast between true bravery and true cowardice; amazing yet disgusting to watch lives wasted so cheaply and history repeating itself in Europe yet the lessons and sacrifices of WWII seem to have also faded away in the waste lands of the west where consumerisms reins and any form of moral value/validity falls by the wayside – except of course when it is D-Day Memorial which has become more of a symbol and less of anything else beyond recognising/remembering the fallen and not the cause they actually died to protect. Is this really considered progress in the eyes of Western leaders however sophisticated they look and keen to lecture?  What a sham and what a shame and this coming from someone not even a native European, so how xxxked up can matters be at this point; you decide for yourselves.

It is also kind of comic when we see statements by the EU suggesting that it is considering Ukraine membership in the organisation. If there is indeed any future for the EU or NATO the single nation most qualified to be at the head of the table in these organisations it is indeed the Ukraine; the country that has been able to single handedly protect the eastern flank of the western alliance and the values we hear much chatter/gossip about and at a very high cost – the brick wall that Putin has so far been unable to penetrate.

Just a thought!

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