Now here’s my little story about me and the Trumpet. It all began in  the early 1980’s when I was high on what’s sometimes referred to as “easy listening” orchestra’s like James Last & Paul Mauriat. It was actually through their musical interpretations that I was quite effectively introduced to classical music while at the same time falling in love with brass – particularly the Trumpet. So on a trip to Belgrade (former Yugoslavia) in the early 1980’s I decided to buy a Trumpet having had no musical education whatsoever and never played any instrument to any proficient degree, So the story goes like this; I enter a large music store at the heart of Belgrade and ask to by a trumpet – no clue of brands or types for that matter. So the salesman disappears for a few minutes and comes back with a selection – all I can go by here are the shapes/sizes of the instruments and how the match up with ones I saw in the orchestra’s I know. Once I make a selection I promise to purchase the product if I like the sound – but of course the salesman will be in charge of producing that sound 🙂 Anyway we make a deal. Now, however comes the tricky part …..that sound production problem! Slowly I progress in this area – and I mean “slowly” –  and I even devise a numbering system to select the valves to press when matching up a tune I want to play – a system I continue to use to this day (effective but quite limiting- proper learning is advisable). Since then trumpet playing for me has been on/off though mostly off. Lately however I decided to return to my passion of playing music particularly having listened recently to some of my favourite old time orchestra’s. This time I intend to stick with it because I discovered that I cannot do without this important part of me.

As for this piece it is one I came across quite recently and fell in love with it though it’s an old tune called “Nature Boy”, so decided it would serve as a re-entry into my Trumpet passion. The piece is played without much sync with the background – this is intentional as it’s kind of improvisation which suits the tune quite well. I will be publishing my work on Youtube but will be posting some here as well – note however these are mostly old tunes of the 80/90’s as well as music scores by great composers the likes of John Williams and James Horner among others. As for the bird background vis-a-vis the music, well I am running low on backgrounds, so will do better next time 🙂

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