The Russian Connection

This man is controversial inside-out just considering his career as well as his extreme views on a host of issues. But then this should make him feel very much at home with his comrades at the new Trump administration. The problem is that damn connection he decided to make with the Russian Ambassador to the US pre President elect Trump’s inauguration and what was revealed about it. The real question is this; are people really supposed to believe that knowledge of this contact and context of this communication did not flow up the chain of command? Remember one of the reason Trump (and dictators in general) like to appoint people with military background in non-military roles is the discipline they bring and the fact that they do not take action voluntarily without explicit command and/or clearance-even his resignation in a way demonstrates this discipline. So the point here being that the mere resignation of Flynn should NOT dampen calls for a full independent investigation into the Russian connection as a matter of priority.

Update-01-(Questions for Pence & Administration): As to whether or not the context of conversation Flynn had with Russian Ambassador-which is now clear was the US sanctions on Russia as the main/only topic-was on legal and/or security grounds or merely a matter of trust with the Vice President that triggered his resignation, here is a follow up question;

If there was no issue of legality and a cause for potential security vulnerability why is it that the Vice President Pence and Chief of Staff Reince Priebus went out of their way in the media in mid-January to reassure the public that no such issue was discussed by Flynn? Moreover, why did they NOT make clear at the time that this was not an issue either on legal or security grounds??

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