First let me express my sincere congratulations to Mrs. Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe and her entire family following her release after 6 years from her detention in Teheran – an ordeal one can read about or listen to but no one can really imagine what it’s like. I agree entirely with her comments during the press conference that this ordeal should NOT have taken 6 years to be resolved; and this while her father is still being held in prison in Tehran. Though her release should be celebrated the way this story has unfolded in nothing less that a complete disgrace for this country; at least that’s the way it looks. So if we seem to be up in arms in investigating the Prime Moron of this country for the Party Gate saga let me suggest that it is even more important in this instance to have an open/transparent investigation into why it has taken 6 years to achieve this release particularly considering the personal/emotional and financial cost for all involved – a cost I might add that needs to be compensated in full by the British government. The key for such an investigation is not just to achieve a proper level of accountability for all who took charge for such a prolonged process in the successive governments but also and more importantly to ensure that there would be lessons learnt to prevent a similar situation from occurring in future; in other words there needs to be a different strategy in dealing with situations like this both nationally and in the context of international relations and international law. I also hope that at some point in future once the emotional roller-coaster of an ordeal becomes less of an issue that Mrs. Zaghari-Ratcliffe would be a voice for change in the way we perceive such traumatic experiences and what we the public need to do to ensure that every government effort/resource should be directed towards the immediate release of all who are caught up into this human bargaining chip game of International Politics.

Just a thought!

Truly Disgraceful to Watch British Political Establishment Cheering The Release in the Media

While Playing the Role of Couch Potatoes for the Last 6 Years

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