Now we’ve heard plenty on the news in the last 24-48 hours about the Cummings & Goings of Mr. Dominic Cummings who shouldn’t have been going anywhere under the lockdown rules. But to me the concern is less about Mr. Cummings breaking of the law and more about 2 specific things;

  1. How unaccountable power players are allowed by the blessing of the leadership to have special – very special – treatment when they do break the law, not only by excusing their behavior but by denying they broke the law altogether. I have written plenty on the subject of unaccountable lobbyists/power brokers who continue to undermine our Democracy in the light of day – even having businesses specifically serving the Lobbying Industry. This has for decades been normalized and what we see in the headlines is not shocking because it takes place but because it’s a headline. This really really needs to end.
  2. We’ve known from day one of the Boris Johnson premiership that he is – and can only be based on his track record/experience – an accidental leader taken the reign of the country based on his BREXIT stance period.  This is the single issue he pretends to feel passionate about despite many previous statements but lacks the strategical mindset that can deliver a bottle of milk (though he might surprise and actually achieve this single chore – don’t be confused we’re talking delivering the bottle of milk here). Therefore people like him and like the Mushroom Man in the United States can only utilize shady relations with such unaccountable power brokers (internal/external) to help strategies/deliver policies purely based on ideological narratives/theories. This also needs to end.

As I’ve mentioned before in many many previous posts we need to stop looking at the specific headlines and instead try to grasp the big picture so we can effectively predict where we’re heading as a nation if we continue down the path we’re going. I repeat what I mentioned previously it’s never about the politics but rather about how we do policy because that is what defines our future as nation and the vulnerabilities we face today and tomorrow; we’re talking vulnerabilities…big vulnerabilities and one can only hope that our security services have the mandate/capability and are paying attention.

The good news is that we can all help make all the changes necessary with the right people in charge and a big nudge from the public.

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