Beautiful moments if you can spare the time to watch this exquisite performance of “La Bayadère“; a great story line of love, revenge and murder where the lovers Nikita – the Temple Dancer – and Solor – the warrior having been brutally separated in life are finally reunited in death and eternal love. Couple that with marvellous music, choreography and even costumes then you get the full entertainment package. I came across this ballet by complete accident having listened just today for the first time of the some of the works of this Austrian composer Ludwig Minkus who also composed the music of the ballet Don Quixote. Well I need to read/listen up on this brilliant composer in the next few days, but for now if you do have the time I hope you enjoy this performance masterpiece. I for one having watched it in full know that I will be watching it many more times. From the names of the performers I suspect that this performance is by Mariinsky Ballet in St. Petersburg but I am not entirely sure. Anyway hope you enjoy and by all means skip the unnecessary intervals in the clip. 

Have a great weekend.

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