Now that there is a new leadership at the White House with vastly different views from traditional allies on a host of issues; from Trade to the Environment to Foreign Policy to name just a few it would be interesting to understand the fate of Intelligence sharing/cooperation and overall outlook in this key security area. Here is why;

It is highly likely that the United States will be keen to influence policy of allies to make them more inline with changes happening in the US through a combination of espionage and building/utilising Trump cronies particularly where key elections are  taking place-sounds ominously similar to the threat posed by Russian interference in these elections after their successes in breaching US electoral system. Remember even Protectionism needs a foreign support base to help mitigate against resistance in applying it. It is also clear given news of recent visits by Marine Le Pen and Nigel Farage to meet Trump and/or his team even before the inauguration that there is a level of coordination already happening between Trump and these key political figures.

What should happen as a matter of course is a re-assessment/re-evaluation of relations with the United States at multiple levels so that policy reflects new realities that are taking place in the US rather getting into the habit of reactionary policy/vision. I would also suggest that there needs to be concerted effort within Europe (but also beyond) to unite in defending Liberal Democracy and a reformed vision on Globalisation-from what seems to be a well coordinated attack-not just in rhetoric but in action in an effort to counterweight the loss of a key proponent former President Barack Obama; though I suspect/hope he continues to play an important role in this direction. Other key figures that can play an active role include; Senator Bernie Sanders, Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton as well as Senator Elizabeth Warren. As always all this requires strong leadership, coordination and discipline to help bring about changes in a relatively short timespan.

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