Now I have to say that though I love all forms of music – western/eastern, classical, rock, easy listening etc. – when it comes to Film soundtracks/music I am a big buff. Names like Maurice Jarre, John Williams, James Horner – but to name a few – are true inspirations in that genre. One of my favourite soundtracks is Lawrence of Arabia as you may find out if you take time to search the term on this site. So while researching some music by Maurice Jarre I came across this excerpt from an interview with him talking about his association with the film Lawrence of Arabia – in my view a very interesting insight and kind of funny of how he was selected to compose the music for the film. Hope you enjoy and if so you can probably find the complete interview on Youtube. More importantly hope it gets you interested in listening to the whole Soundtrack for this/other films he composed – that is if you haven’t done so already.

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