The Westward Gold-Rush but NOT Entirely Hush Hush!

Power play is the name of the game; it’s like giving a child an automatic machine-gun for a toy; this is precisely how our leaders have abused power to create havoc around the world and conflicts that have lasted generations. This is not only a question of financial incentives – and there are many of these as well – but more importantly the ignorance of the people in charge to spare the time to fully comprehend (or spare the time/resources to do so) the consequences of their actions and merely focus on short term political gains with the help of lobbyists (internal & external). Right wing activists complaining of a culture attack on the west should really wear a burka when talking about this issue not only to give context to the conversation like the congresswoman in the clip above but also as sign of shame of our own policies that contribute to the devastation of lives abroad – so let’s at least have the conversation. Oh, and by the way next time you consider blaming China or Russia for undermining our values, remember this; our genius politicians are more than capable for championing this cause and they have a solid record to back them.

Hope that makes sense.

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