As we continue with the status quo on BREXIT both in terms of the governments approach and the unwillingness/inability of other pro-Remain supporters across parties to unite and put forth a new vision we see evidence on a daily basis of the downhill spiral the country is going through. So it’s obvious to the blind that the political system is broken where large parties continue playing the usual politics in the most unusual of times; this despite the fact that many have suggested options to get out of this conundrum. But as there continues to be no traction let me make this unconventional suggestion;

Challenging BREXITEERS & semi-BREXITEERS (in Labour) in support of a NO DEAL BREXIT. No cherry picking, no prolonged negotiations, no soft/hard boiled BREXIT, just a straightforward no questions asked exit as the BREXIT hardliners want. Why? Well here’s the drill;

  1. It forces our politicians to make a judgement call and take the full responsibility based on clear/unambiguous options as whether they think the EU is/has been good for Britain or NOT. No if’s or but’s or maybe’s, it’s a straight forward question that requires straightforward answer. The EU on the other hand would be advised NOT to make any concessions particularly in this vile atmosphere promoted by this flock of alt-right political hacks in charge of the country. Businesses will also have to take a stand and make their voices heard. Also a relevant point to remember here; we’ve NOT been allowed – thanks to these political hackers – to deal with facts in making an informed judgement / assessment; more like a hit-and-run con job rather than a legitimate democracy; and it’s high time we also make choices not just about BREXIT but more importantly the kind of Democracy we want to have/protect – and we learn through experience; I just thought we had basis covered in that regard but apparently NOT. But that’s OK too because I believe part of our evolving understanding of Democracy is being challenged in our blind spots (new or old) so we deal with vulnerabilities as part of an ongoing evolutionary process. 
  2. If the decision is eventually taken to fall off the cliff it will serve as a much needed reality check for this country – however painful it may be – so that we can at least begin the recovery process in earnest when we’re ready – and I believe we’ll be ready pretty soon once people begin to realise the sham that BREXIT has been. We really need to answer this EU question once and for all so that when we decide to return to the EU it will be based on a real commitment to the cause rather than as a matter of economic or political convenience.; same applies to other EU members if this organisation is to be strong. This is NOT to suggest that urgent EU reforms are unnecessary – to the contrary these are needed now more than ever.
  3. Whichever way the decision goes one thing you can bet on with your eyes closed shut – BREXITEERS leading this gang of a government will eventually be held accountable not only due to the flawed process they’ve engineered that is damaging the country in real terms, but also for the lack of transparency including the one related to the BREXIT impact assessment documents, the incompetence of invoking article 50 with no viable plan that is based on facts/evidence rather than pure ideology and the unwillingness to properly investigate foreign meddling in our elections. This is based on what we know of at the moment but remember however hard people try and put things under wraps secrets always have a way of leaking so these people will eventually get busy answering to the law and the British people for the damage they continue to inflict on the country and I can only encourage public servants who have been caught up in this big mess to come clean and help expose the misconduct & corruption that is at the heart of a government keen on a BREXIT at all costs.

It is a high stakes proposition but I think this is the right time to use it. And hey, maybe everything will work out fine outside the EU and that would work well for me too. But the questions I pose above don’t just fade into the oblivion they need answers whether I am right or totally wrong.

Just a thought.

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