In a recent article published by The Guardian; Theresa May suggests she is prepared to demote Boris Johnson; one thing really jumped out at me; Ruth Davidson’s statement supporting the PM; “People serve in cabinet entirely at the pleasure of the prime minister.”  So my question is this; “where does ‘Country’ fit in all of this – is it worth mentioning at all?”. This may be for some a minor point but to me it is indeed a major one because it demonstrates that politicians more often than not seem to be missing the “Point” of their duty to Country before duty to Party. Many seem to believe that serving the party through cabinet or otherwise automatically translates to serving the country. Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way and we’ve seen plenty of examples – even in current government – where politicians are willing to abuse their political power primarily for the good of the party, leader, lobbyist & clan though they try hard to mask this by calls for unity and frequently suggesting they represent the good of the nation when in reality they seem to lumping everyone outside their sphere of influence into 1 big virtual lump just to suit their political objectives. Once you’re in power there is very little checks/balances that can be applied to restrain it as we see now particularly in alt-right territory; the USA and the UK.

In terms of the Power Play currently in “Play” in the Conservative party this yet another episode of a shambolic group of – what they term themselves as “cabinet” though I’d prefer the term “clan” — who seem to be dragging us towards the Exit doors of the EU with no alternate/realistic plan and more importantly continue to undermine our country in every possible manner and at every possible level through a flawed process and chaotic performance.

Ignoring the politics of the Day we really need to re-evaluate our political system and come to an overdue set of reforms.  We also need to remind our lovely politicians that power is time restrained and people in charge can/will eventually be held accountable for flawed decisions, particularly ones that have a lasting detrimental effects on the nation.

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