Though I am no supporter of Saudi Arabia with its largely negative influence in the Middle East, it is NOT the role of the Foreign Secretary to deliver inflammatory speeches that risk diluting any remaining influence we may have in the region. Diplomacy is about offline interactions that help find peaceful resolutions to conflicts-it is NOT about shooting up one’s mouth at leisure, nor is it about brandishing confidential documents in public (if true). The region is in turmoil as it is and there needs to be concerted diplomatic effort to help bring it back from the brink due to flawed policy applied in recent years. Remember you are not a political blogger/analyst or journalist; you are…what can I say; the “Special One”… so we have to be…how can I say; more careful, otherwise you won’t have anyone to talk to, right?

On the other hand the article reminds us of a key stakeholder in the Foreign Policy establishment, particularly where regions of conflict are involved; the Military Industrial Complex-by far the most influential/disruptive lobbying force when it comes to policy. When will we ever learn after a long history with this trend which takes us back to the time of President Eisenhower; that this is a phenomena that needs to be properly addressed/controlled once and for all. Unfortunately I have no answer on this one but we should do our bit to bring this issue to the forefront of political debate.

Finally I leave you with this thought; by far the application of this “Gaffemism” doctrine could not be more stark than when PM May selected Mr Johnson as Foreign Secretary; its kind of like an event that stays in memory and people would begin to ask themselves; where was I/what was I doing at that moment of history???. Seems to be a trend now and I am not sure there is enough space in our memory sufficient to cope with the flurry of weird events in this last year alone-but Good Luck.

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