Ever gone on a hot air balloon ride? It’s fun; that is I suspect so as I haven’t tried it myself 🙁 What is NOT so fun is watching Democracies crumble in the face extremist politics of the far right. Whether in the U.S, the U.K the signs are unmistakable;

  1. Brandishing the flag or wearing them like the weird ones out there as if they are the protectors of the nation. But then they do odd things like to collude with long time adversaries and do all possible NOT to criticise them and befriend dictators and remain mute and/or passive in the face of their atrocities – so long they provide their magically helping hands under the table; or in other scenarios stashing their money in offshore accounts to avoid taxation.
  2. Hide behind punch line banners like; Make America Great Again, or Take Back Control like in the case of BREXIT UK 2016-202? to try and give themselves legitimacy; but it is one that is less about policies that fix things/resolve issues or that are based on an alternative /well formulated plan and more about rhetoric/diversion and stamping their own check mark to suggest it’s been attended to. Think of Obamacare replacement which has yet to materialise or moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem in the U.S. (now that’s truly a genius fix to Mideast conflict) and BREXIT in the U.K, huge effort to undermine policies without producing alternative options that have any chance in producing a similar level of success – correction: (any level of success).
  3. Giving the impression that they are the sole protectors of the military; this while continually undermining national security at home/abroad and continually allowing foreign power brokers to influence these important decisions.

In other words the Hot Air Party on both sides of the Atlantic formerly known as the GOP in the U.S the Conservative party in the U.K. have come to represent the Alt-Right ideology in all but name, so I decided to give this temporary name until they sensibly change their names according to what they really represent. The template used by the far right is actually simple and we all can see the telltale signs clearly – something like this;

  • Stoke fear/anxiety so that people are more susceptible to impulse/rash reaction rather than thoughtful/well balanced decisions
  • Do not dare mention values or democracy during debates/elections that is until you win – then you can undermine them to your heart’s content when you’re in power
  • Apply policy-as-you go decisions and count on your backers (at home and abroad) for banking your interests
  • Use catchy slogans, fancy language and even talk fancy like Lindsey Graham in the U.S to give the impression that you know what you’re talking about and irrespective of your track record in terms of political assessments/successful policies you supported.

All the above is a symptom not the cause; we are the real Champions in all of this mess because many of us decided that it’s best to align our support with what makes us feel better as opposed to sensible judgements based on fact of what actually works for us. So the approach seems to be this; no questions asked beyond how to achieve the goal rather than determining if that goal is really as good as it sounds. So unless we all become critical thinkers and are willing to debate issues openly and do every effort to deliberately move off our comfort zone sofa, we’re in for a long term retreat as opposed to the treat we were expecting at the end of the line. We actually need to champion the effort to change our politics so that it is not bipolar and more importantly is in line with our genuine national interest based on comprise not the hit-and-run template our “genius” politicians have grown used to; correction: (we allowed them to get used to)

Finally let me make a point as someone of an immigrant background; it truly saddens me to the point of disgust to see people from immigrant backgrounds or minority groups who buy into this ideology above because it is a white supremacist ideology at its core. The minorities that do get hired for top positions or used in campaigns are in my opinion used as what I’d call Legitimacy Markers but serve no other purpose than to follow a specific path probably for a specific duration. In my case though I am British and proud to be one I am also proud of my immigrant background and do not disown it or forget my origins because that’s the best way for me to contribute effectively to my society. So you can see why I am shocked by people with immigrant backgrounds crying “IMMIGRATION” as a reason why they support Trumps America or the U.K version of it in the form of BREXIT Britain this after more than 40 years of membership and considering real facts about EU/UK immigration and the tremendous benefits/influence we’ve enjoyed for years. Blending in with your fellow citizens doesn’t translate to totally erasing your origins/experiences and where you came from; after all we are in fact a multicultural society. As for Brits of European origins that follow this same narrative; here I am absolutely stunned/speechless….for a while until I quietly ask the; where the hell do you think you’re coming from? Yes immigration needs to be properly regulated – and I am absolutely adamant about that – but you don’t take down your own house in the process.

I probably didn’t solve much in this post but it a perspective nonetheless that I believe merits sharing.

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