A very interesting/captivating heading in the Express suggesting that Germany will suffer dire consequences as a result of BREXIT. A few facts to ponder on though;

  1. As of 2016 Germany overtook the UK as the fastest growing economy among the G7 states expanding at the fastest rate in five years, showing growth of 1.9% last year. This not to mention that we seem to be heading south and they seem to heading in the opposite direction.
  2. When validating this information I came across a survey from the same institute that directly contradicts the assertion, the survey entitled; German firms relaxed in view of upcoming Brexit which concludes with the following quote; The results of the survey call into question the view brought forward in the British public debate that strong political pressure from the German business community would ensure soft compromises to the benefit of the UK in the upcoming Brexit negotiations. The effects of the Brexit on all firms are too limited for such a conjecture. 
  3. If we are truly serious about an effective relation post BREXIT, if it happens – then it is ludicrous to start creating animosity – or should I say fuel existing animosity – perpetrated by some hardliners who still seem to be living in wartime bunkers when we are in the process of negotiating the “best ever” deal for Britain – and good luck with that. More importantly the world we hope to be doing business with can see through the grandiose posturing (and beautiful smiles) by the government in reaching out to them so see the real mess they’ve made of the negotiations not to mention the diminished standing/ability to make good deals. But then again some choose to live on a deserted island.
  4. More importantly when you review the comments for this article it is absolutely astonishing the views presented – and here is a teaser;
    • EU is Germany only! Please Mrs May “Walk away now” Germans are not our friends. They have not forgotten the 39-45 war where we thrashed them with the Americans ( who are true friends). Merkel hates the UK.
      • (my response); Just so you know – you may have missed it – the war is over. So please you and your friends come back from your silo to the new world. Another option is take them all back in and lock your doors tight.
    • Trading according to normal WTO conditions and applying normal visa and travel restrictions to UK citizens isn’t a “trade war”. It’s just the normal operating procedure to working with a country that doesn’t want to be closely affiliated with you or your union. It’s just what every one who’s against a “soft” Brexit basically asked for (even if they still fail to realise it).
      • (my response) Even hard core Brexiteer’s involved in the negotiations are keen NOT to go the WTO way because Britain stands to loose much more than the EU which is an economic power house. Keen for ideological reasons to leave I can understand but please do NOT argue on economic reasons/benefits because there is non, particularly that we already have established dependencies through the years. Let’s please have an honest debate rather than false expectations set forth during the referendum campaign. We need to do what’s best for the country and unite under 1 vision irrespective of political ideology. Let’s NOT politicians/the politics drive the narrative but rather let facts speak for themselves.

The gist of the matter is that some either seem to be in WWII mode (or time machine) while others seem content applying what can be termed as flimsy arguments based on headlines they may have heard without actually applying any form of logic/validation. So may I suggest that we need to debate issues of such importance that have long term ramifications on our future with a degree of analysis/validation and I intend to use this site specifically for that purpose. This takes me swiftly to my final comment below.

One positive post I read today – for a change – was about a group called The Citizens’ Assembly on Brexit . Though a bit late in the game and I would have preferred to see the formation of such a group/s prior to the BREXIT referendum it still is a step in the right direction. The Assembly is a gathering of people from across the UK randomly selected to reflect the make-up of the electorate. The objective for the group in meetings over two weekends is to learn about options for the form Brexit should take – focusing on the issues of trade and immigration – discuss what they make of these options, and draw conclusions. Their proposals will be written up in a report and delivered to policy-makers in parliament and government. It’s a bit funny though to think that the government would encourage such an approach and consider recommendations when they are running a completely non-inclusive process designed as a power grab to ram through policies designed specifically to sever ties with the EU ASAP without proper consultation/debate; makes no sense except in the Trump land so why not move these people to one of his golden towers-Nigel Farage I am sure can help with that if they ask nicely?

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