It is quite perplexing for me as one of an immigrant background looking at Priti Patel – someone also of an immigrant background – championing the cause of ending free movement. I can of course understand the need for any country to take on the cause of immigration reform with reasonable/achievable policies in this area. But to have immigration policies – or any other policies for that matter – driven by ideology rather than pragmatic solutions is putting it mildly a travesty. In this case however ending free movement is nothing more than a political stunt targeting the EU pure/simple – and considering the tremendous contributions EU nationals do to our economy & health service (remember Luis BJ?) and have been doing so for decades it is like shooting one self in the foot while covering the face with COVID-19 mask 🙁 Remember it’s NOT only EU nationals affected but also the over 1 million Brits living/working in Europe and the likely devastating impact these regulations will affect them/their families. Couple that with the fact that the Secretary of State for the Home Department in charge of – among others – issues of national security has suspect loyalties that caused her forced resignation from the previous government – link below – then you begin to realize; hey, we’re in a bit of mess here! The reality is simple; people get into politics for the wrong reasons and through dubious processes that have absolutely nothing to do with the pure intent of serving national interest and/or having relevant expertise to political position however key these roles may be. So unless we sort out how we do politics in this country we are most certainly heading towards a decline both internally and as an influential world power because where politics is concerned we’re living through – and some like me would say abusing – past glories rather than allowing our politics to evolve to face current/future challenges. So to all who complain about the British government’s COVID-19 response please remember that it comes from same sack of potatoes; I guess finding wise leadership in Britain 20/20 is like is like trying to find a needle in haystack with a 20/600 vision (which is considered legally blind). Ultimately the new generation will be paying the price for mistakes that could/should have been avoided. With that said it is never too late to force a change in course through well coordinated political activism (NOT “Social Media’ism”) – this needs be an important component of the political eco system moving forward come what may.

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