A very interesting study considering the effects on EU citizenship post BREXIT. The study was done for Jill Evans MEP – link below – by:

  • Prof. Volker Roeben
  • Prof. Jukka Snell
  • Dr Pedro Telles
  • Dr Petra Minnerop
  • Mr Keith Bush QC

It provides a set of possible alternatives for British and EU nationals as follows;

  1. Continuity Union Citizenship:  This reflects the EU law post the Lisbon Treaty. The premise of the law is based on a fundamental principal that Union citizenship is a fundamental status of individuals therefore cannot be taken away though the rights themselves contained within citizenship are liable to change over time.
  2. Associate Union Citizenship/Associate British Citizenship: This can emerge as a negotiated model with a defined set of reciprocal rights agreed during these negotiations.

Whatever the model an agreement would need to clarify judicial protections and jurisdictions of both British courts and the European Court of Justice.

My sense is that these options could be quite positive in strengthening the European identity but may prove quite complex/costly to implement or untangle in case a state decides to return to the EU. It may also encourage other states to exit the union knowing that their citizens may still be benefit from EU citizenship rights despite withdrawing from the union.

Beyond all I continue to believe that the UK is destined to remain (or return) to the EU.

What I would like to understand however is whether British citizens who are currently also EU citizens are doubly protected by the EC & the UK in terms process by ensuring complete transparency of the talks and the rights to vote – if they so choose – on the outcome of these negotiations; that’s my ultimate concern/focus.

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