Just wanted to be crystal clear of I stand and have been calling for all this time. I am definitely a “Remainer” (or “Remoaner” as some like to suggest) because I firmly believe the UK would be much better off within the EU. That said what I am absolutely against are any calls to suppress others views on this issue by calling for EXIT BREXIT, KILL BREXIT and the like. This in my view does nothing to unite the country and we end up merely alienating others in the process. As such I believe what is needed is a fact-driven 2nd Referendum that is based on 3 fundamental principles;

  1. A commitment to a referendum process that is free of any form of disinformation and well protected from foreign interference. This while also committing to a public investigation if there have been suspected interference/collusion during the previous referendum as some reports suggested.
  2. Each party sets out clear vision for the UK’s new relationship with the EU (whether in or out) this based on facts/realities we have known about before and new facts that have become clear post the previous referendum. This will inevitably require transparent clarifications by parties from the EU to develop a realistic vision forward away from any false expectations we have come to experience in the first referendum.
  3. Sets out clear vision for an inclusive process that ensures all parties are well represented in the negotiation process whether this involves exiting the EU or building upon our existing relationship within the EU, particularly that we all have a stake in shaping the future of this country irrespective of party badges. I would also hope that Northern Ireland and the SNP would be part of this process because Scotland & Northern Ireland are in my view an important part of this United Kingdom.

This in my view is the most viable approach that ensures the country unites under a single vision. Calls to KILL or RAM BREXIT through will NOT end but rather intensify the debate/division which will in turn fuel continued uncertainty for the future of this great country of ours – let’s not allow this to happen. The answer is pretty simple; STOP piecemeal criticism through tweeting/social media to get LIKES and start taking immediate action for a new vision within the EU and an inclusive process to get us there through a 2nd Referendum. Social Media is good for campaigning but needs action to back it up – so politicians wisen up on your methods.

So no europhiles, no brexiteers, no remoaners, no keyboard shortcuts (alt-right/alt-left/shift-right/shift-left) lets make it simple and stay truly united

Just 4 Fun

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