Tunes for the Trumpet, Flugelhorn & Cornet (Best to Use Headphones): Note these videos are more for training/tracking my own progress. Also for me it’s more about technique rather than sophisticated audio recording, so you can bet I will do my best on that front but I suspect it won’t hit that audio mark each time. Anyway If someone does enjoy the tunes all the better. 

To say that The Carpenters is my favourite band would be an understatement. This is a band I absolutely adored and represents a very special time for me. The unique voice of Karen Carpenter is something once you hear you never forget despite her short life (died in 1982 at 32 years of age). Couple that with fantastic music composed by her brother Richard Carpenter along with great lyrics of the songs, then you get the picture; it’s the kind of music that never really dies and I hope people of all ages continue to enjoy it. Anyway I  hope you enjoy this one – that is if the bird chirping didn’t get too much of your time – I am after all constrained by the choices for the background music. Take care.

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