Play Along Tunes for the Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Cornet and Piccolo Trumpet (Best to Use Headphones): 

Note these videos are more for training/tracking my own progress. Also for me it’s more about technique rather than sophisticated audio recording, so you can bet I will do my best on that front but I suspect it won’t hit that audio mark each time. Anyway if someone does enjoy the tunes all the better.

This is one of my favourite tunes. I played it before with the b-flat Trumpet but having just got a piccolo trumpet I decided to have a go and I am not disappointed – sounds quite different. Piccolo trumpet is a quite a beast to master but I love the instrument and have every intention to do just that, so may not be perfect at the moment but I will be playing/posting plenty of piccolo’s so wish me luck. Have a great “Piccolo”, I mean “Weekend” 🙂

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