Here is a brilliant documentary I came across recently and thought may be useful to share about the 2008 market crash. The reason I believe it is interesting to watch is because in many ways it pinpoints the birthdate of present day populism and extreme right politics. A conversation that started about Corruption & Fat Cats has been magically transformed to protecting our country from people that don’t look like us. Yes there are most definitely flaws in Immigration/Integration policies but the real reason behind economic inequality are nothing to do with immigration and more to do with political corruption and unaccountable lobbyist/special interest groups/individuals taking charge of policy and who are now taking a free ride by diverting attention from their activities and I suspect deliberately so. As for controlling immigration let me suggest as I mentioned in many previous posts it starts well beyond our borders and begins with flawed Foreign Policy that is designed in some cases to provoke foreign conflict while in others to turn a blind eye for among others financial incentives that benefit a few but end up being financial liabilities for the nation on the long run; this despite us having in many cases been part of creating these conflicts in the first place. I know Foreign Policy may lack sufficient public interest but I do hope this does change quickly because it is quite consequential to our future at so many levels that directly impacts people’s everyday lives. 

Anyway hope you enjoy the documentary.

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