The art of Retouch is purely about re-interpretation of already great works of art; it allows the image to be re-imagined, evolved in ways that make it part of a living process of evolution/adaptation. With that said art of course is subjective and some may/may not like my interpretations but that’s the beauty of life and humanity; it’s more about the individuality/uniqueness we bring rather than following a specific pattern of conformity. However my red line is interfering in any way with the painter strokes as these need always be maintained in my opinion. Anyway I do hope that you like at least some of my works in art retouch because I do so enjoy it.

PS: Apologies for the distorting effect of the copyright watermark at the top left corner of the image – obviously not in the original. On retouch work of old paintings especially this issue is difficult to overcome though will keep on trying. 

For retouch work I display the before (original)/after image for comparison while in my photo/art site the after image is sold. Also note that all art originals are duly licensed in the way they are used.

About the Painter 

To contact me regarding commercial/partnership opportunities and access to my full photography profile please use the contact form on the site and I will be in touch.


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