As a member of the party today I  put forth a proposal for the party to develop a policy forum that can help shape party policy in 2 main areas;

  1. Foreign Policy
  2. Community Integration

Unlike the FPC the intention here is to develop visions/activity in these areas from the bottom up via regional/local party while coordination will be applied to the structure to ensure objectives are maintained.

In terms of overall objectives for this forum they include;

a) Developing a new/pragmatic recommendations (backed by accurate data/analysis) for policy in the subject matters mentioned above. These visions are likely to evolve/mature based on ongoing discussions with experts & interactions with the general public. However the idea is to develop this into an agile structure/process able to make relevant analysis/recommendations in a relatively short period of time to respond to events.

b) The forum will help demonstrate/emphasis the liberal vision in action not just rhetoric this by — engagement with public as well as members in developing policy and making the case of the importance/relevance of these subject matters at this day-and-age.

c) A fundamental objective for the forum is to help develop expertise within the party in these subject matters and will serve as a platform for the new generation to grow/lead on such topics within the party. It also important to note the crucial role of the current senior/experts within the party in knowledge sharing/advice during discussions/activities for this forum.

d) Developing a variety of workshops for members to include among others training in areas like leadership skills, diplomacy and other relevant areas.

e) Ensure we build/maintain solid partnerships with relevant policy experts and/or NGO’s (British or non-British) in the process of developing policy recommendations.

The proposition as it stands can be further developed if there is potential for serious interest in adopting it by the party. The important thing to mention here is my firm belief that a structure like that needs to be target focused, efficient/agile in operation and driven by members.

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