• Need to begin fightback to protect core Democratic/Liberal values/traditions
  • Plenty of useful material from Trump admin to demonstrate/make liberal arguments & and take action (need to apply some lessons from Tea Party).
  • Need effective web presence but equally important national/local presence through open forums.
  • Stop merely complaining & reach out to the fringe of Trump/ultra-right supporters (non-core) and gradually move to core supporters & regions with a unifying message as opposed to ultra right divisive/racist message-same applies to Europe
  • Citizens from diverse cultural/religious backgrounds need to be part of campaign effort and powered a new generation of civic leaders
  • Need US/European party coordination & effective plan
  • Many US politicians key in this international effort could include
    • former President Barack Obama
    • Sen. Elizabeth Warren
    • Sen. Bernie Sanders
  • Need aggressive strategy/structure and take the initiative as many liberals are beginning to feel tide is turning quickly and there seems to be lack of urgency to take action, so need to re-energies the movement on both sides of the Atlantic-best time when there is plenty of raw material that can be used to serve argument;

Thanks and excuse my format style but I do feel the urgency and wanted a raw format to make a few points. Key takeaway; need to act now on both sides of the Atlantic as we have interconnected interests and we need to ensure progress made in last 8-10 years cannot be reversed. Plenty may be going in the US but we should not loose focus that our destiny’s intersect on many of the issues.

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