With recent tragic deaths related to acts of terrorism in France & Germany and the increasing concern over the growing threat of fundamentalist Islam we need to ask our party leadership where are your statements/actions vis-a-vis such important events? Perhaps you should take a cue from the party’s website top menu item (Get Involved). It is precisely due to the lack of leadership on foreign policy & national security that we are not taken seriously when promoting our profile as outward looking/internationalist party committed towards “cultivating strong and supportive relationships with our sister liberal parties around the world”. Not to mention our failure in making the case for remaining part of the EU in the last referendum. Our security is at stake as well as our national identity/unity as a country yet we fail as a party to provide pragmatic vision in addressing these critical issues beyond empty/occasional statements particularly at election time. Meanwhile many are falling into the grip of far right parties/individuals who see this as an opportunity not be missed in promoting nonsensical solutions-a trend likely to increase if we fail to take decisive action. I can only urge the leadership of this great party to develop a better strategy in dealing with such important issues and getting young members of the party involved in the process. We need to stop what I feel is outsourcing foreign policy work to other organisations like Westminster Foundation for Democracy and the Africa Liberal Network and instead rely on a dedicated team with clear mandate in developing policy papers/action strategy in these areas. Failure is not an option in these troubled times.

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