As some may know by now the Lebanese government has resigned while demonstrations continue. This is a very special moment for Lebanon and I hope the public is keen to stay on course to achieve true/viable change for the country which does not translate to same-old same-old faces taking charge – the new generation of politicians needs to start leading otherwise all will eventually be lost. This is why I believe what should be considered now is NOT a permanent/patch-up government but rather a care taker/unity government with 1 specific/clear mandate to resolve/settle once and for all internal political conflicts and come up with a new vision for the nation that delivers change/eliminates all forms of corruption in governance with an incremental plan to achieve it. This necessarily means leadership – the need for a leader that the majority of the people can trust and has the wisdom/stamina to solve this nugget. I also hope that France and the EU in general continue to be a reliable partner in this transition period because Lebanon has the potential of being a very interesting template for change in a region infested with corruption and autocratic rule that puts power over pragmatic governance that works for/protects all.



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