Hi All

Hope you all are doing well/keeping safe. First off apologies for this “Announcement Mania” but there are a two important things I want to pass by you;

  1. I noticed recently that due to some site changes some post links have broke. I am fixing these as we go along – a simple process but will take time to find them so please bear with me.
  2. Considering the pandemic lockdown we’re all facing nowadays – which I fully support as you may have read in my previous posts – I decided to post more regularly and I will include photo posts and music posts though these 2 categories of posts will only display images and/or video clips linking to sources on Youtube and my main photo website and not much text in the post itself so I have more time dedicated to producing this type of content. So as of tomorrow I hope to go back to my old habits of regular posts of things I hope you may like and please do engage and give your feedback.

Take care & stay safe.

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