I am very disappointed by the editors policy on the Libdemvoice website. I recently tried to post an article critical of LibDems leadership on foreign policy related matters but the post was not accepted by the editor of the site suggesting that it is too critical to party leadership without being fair to them-here is the post. They suggested that I need to change the post to something along the lines of (“what you think we should be saying as a party”) rather than direct criticism, and only then would they be prepared to review the post again. Despite coming back to the editor to make my case based on recent LibDems media coverage as they suggested to-date I received no response whatsoever. The question then becomes what is the point of this site if members are not allowed to “debate” freely issues they see are important? Why is being critical to party leadership crossing the line? If the post included inaccurate information or if I truly was unfair to them, well people will have their say and make a judgement even if very critical to the post. The site needs to allow all kinds of debates including ones that challenge party leadership so long as there is no breach of ethical standards. It is true I am critical of the Party leadership on many issues but I continue to care/believe in our values as a party and believe there is much more we can offer if there is serious efforts for reform. It is less about leadership change and more about what we represent in the political landscape of this country. We also need to take very close look at our internal structures/policies and ways in which we formulate policy in an effort to evolve/develop these areas so we are able to better represent our values. Our members are a big part of this change so we need to utilise their energy more effectively to make this change happen and support them in every possible way-definitely more than I have personally experienced. Once we reach that path winning elections will be a much more achievable target.

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