Of course we have all witnessed the Irrelevance of EU/NATO the spectators of the Russian aggression in Ukraine. But now with the landslide victory of Victor Orban in Hungary it must be crystal clear even to the blind that the western alliance in its current incarnation is a lost cause and a waste of time/resources as I mention repeatedly in previous posts. The moment Europe and the U.S. accept this realisation and focus efforts in developing a new/more viable alliance founded on values rather than economic & travel convenience and run via an agile/efficient structure rather than a rigid bureaucracy driven by functionaries more focused on rhetoric & PR; this would be the moment to rebuild/redefine Europe rather than the patch work that cannot fix the seismic cracks in the current foundation. The transition may sound daunting/destabilising but it does not have to be this way and there is plenty of expertise and foundational building blocks to allow the process to be swift and effective though obviously planning for such a transition is key to its success. I can only urge EU member states to seriously consider the proposition of a new more viable alliance in order to protect Liberal Europe which is currently under attack both ideologically and physically and is constantly being undermined by the bureaucracy & format of current alliance structure. So the advice from this end is this;

please do less social media & clever PR/rhetoric, consider true trajectory of the western alliance; focus on defending values not the bureaucratic structures that are there to serve them.

Just a thought!

The War of Ideologies Can Prove More Dangerous/Destabilising/Costly Than Armed Conflicts In Time & Damages

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