Let me start off by thanking all the followers of this blog site for all your support in providing feedback to my posts; I truly appreciate it. Now however I decided to branch all things related to art out to a different website fidelitos.com because to be honest this is what my main focus is all about. Whether it be Photography, Videography or Music all posts will published in this new site and this blog site will remain mainly about politics and other stuff I choose to write about. I will be moving some of my recent posts on art to the new site which is by design geared more in that direction. Old posts however will be archived so that I am not doubling on content as well as to ensure content is recent and meets better quality standards. 

For those of you who visit the new site you may find some hiccups in content/design until I set everything in order in the next week or two. But as mentioned all new content related to photography, videography and music will be posted on this new site. I would of course much appreciate your feedback on this new site and hope it provides the content you expect.

Finally a small note related to my Photography posts on this new site; you will find that there is a main gallery which displays contents that are changed monthly and linked to gallery images on my online photography shop at FidelitosPix.com. News photo’s however as you’ve experienced on this site are posted using my blog but are unlike current blogs these will not be linked to my online shop as they may not be part of the monthly selection for my gallery. I know it sounds confusing, hell it is confusing but if you have any questions do let me know I will respond promptly.

Take care

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