Now it is one thing to have a non-elected/unaccountable individual the de facto man running the show for the So Called British government (SCBG as acronym), but it’s a completely different story for the man to have access to highly classified security information. Just a few months ago were crying foul for just having that guy gain clearance of accessing the Westminister Palace and now we’re granting him unfettered access to our entire security infrastructure. So the million dollar question is this; did this guy legitimately obtain security clearance and has it been obtained based on proper security assessment by the authorities involved as opposed to a mere request from the so called PM/UK government? And finally if there has indeed been such an assessment I think we are entitled to have the person in charge who signed on the dotted line for the agency involved come out and confirm this to us all. My issue is NOT with the guy himself but with how any British government is allowed to operate in terms of transparency and more importantly how to ensure that our national security is never undermined by infecting it with the politics of the day.

What do you think, am I exaggerating here?

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