Some thoughts to ponder on the topic above;

1. I have written a blog here;  about my own personal/simplistic take on the US elections-something I’ve been following for the last few months.Not much new but a few conclusions.

2. As a member of the UK Liberal Democrats I am very passionate about Liberal values and feel they are currently under assault and being undermined due to 2 simple factors; a) flawed policies-including immigration/integration and b) too idealistic views on solutions rather than pragmatic problem solving mindset. As a matter of fact the UK Liberal Democrats are seen precisely this way-people largely agree with ideas but NOT the path that gets us there. Bottom line we need to rethink our approach and develop an incremental strategy that gets us there. This is more about evolving our approach and adapting in the face of new challenges. We also need politicians to switch gear and become political activists with all the passion, commitment & creativity this involves.

3. Finally-and more on topic-I am beginning to feel that, as this extreme right ideology is really gaining momentum in different regions, and we as Liberals irrespective of agenda have identical values/compatible visions, cross-border collaboration could be an interesting proposition. Exactly what this collaboration would entail needs discussion but here are some initial thoughts;

    1. Exchange of experiences on campaigning

    2. Joint public activities including forums/public debates/publications

    3. Collaborate to develop unified position on matters of International Policy & Environmental Issues as well as organising joint campaigns tackling these.   

Another benefit of this cross-border collaboration, particularly where public participation is involved is challenging nationalistic/isolationist perceptions prompted by the ultra right. It turns out that (Antiestablishment/Political Correctness); terms representing positive Political Activism for grass root movements to build a more equitable future for all in response to policy failures has been hijacked by the ultra right to legitimise Racism/Bigotry/Xenophobia.

Some relevant links here demonstrating that my assumptions made in this blog a few days ago are becoming close to reality;

I am currently connecting with Liberal parties throughout Europe to organise consultation to help develop this program. If you would be interested in receiving the detailed proposal please contact me via the Contact page on this site and I will send you the relevant document.

Appreciate your time.

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