Spin team on extended shift at the White House today watching the high profile hearing on Russian connections and Trumps wire tapping claims. It must be extremely fascinating to see so many BS artists in 1 place-can we have a group photo of the team at work tonight? But that aside, based on the assertion that US Intelligence is indeed looking at potential collusion of Trump & team and Russia something that may take years to conclude the real question is this (bare with me a bit long);

Having this investigation hanging over the Trump presidency does this NOT undermine the U.S. government as a whole from the Commander in Chief to his admin team-most of whom are members of his election campaign (or close enough) and is there potential of conflict of interest at one extreme to criminality at another if such allegations turn out to be true? 

Remember that unlike the situation with Bill Clinton this is no private matter but rather ones that is directly related political judgements particularly on Foreign Policy-though it is conceivable that this may extend to other areas of policy.

I would very much like the media NOT to be overly consumed by the ton of Shiny Objects swirling around them particularly ones passed on by the White House and spare some time looking at the big picture here, and this is most definitely one they need address or give its fair coverage/analysis.

Finally, one can only hope that if there comes a point where evidence is highly credible of collusion of Trump & team with Russia that the FBI & other Intelligence agencies volunteer this information to Congress in order to discuss potential for Impeachment of Donald Trump.

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