A very interesting article by Mark Price who quit as a government trade minister a fortnight ago and a former managing director of Waitrose. He points to fundamental issues with the British economy and the increase of technology/automation that is putting pressures on the job market as this market suggests. BREXIT aside I totally concur that we should do every effort to control the introduction of automation in our industries so as not allow technology to supersede our workforce. We need to apply an effective long term strategy that includes things like retraining to ensure our workforce continually evolves at the same or higher pace than technology so that we are always ahead of the curve and no one is left out. It is by no means an easy task to achieve but it is of vital importance to our economy moving forward. As for the BREXIT part, well I disagree with the perception that it is inevitable – there is nothing inevitable about BREXIT as I mentioned before in previous posts and we should NOT allow the BREXITEER’s to impose their vision and encourage us to sleep through it.

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