A great deal has been said about the action of triggering article 50 without proper vision of BREXIT. I believe this is not only to be quite a valid point but one that demonstrates the flawed process adopted by an incompetent government led my a bunch of populist ideologues. It is also important to note that the mandate used as basis of triggering article 50 no longer comports to the reality of the direction the negotiations are taking – the referendum was NOT only about exiting the EU but the form of exit implied because that impacted the vote itself. Beyond that we need to establish whether the governments own impact assessment document for BREXIT – if it does exist – has been completed before or after the action of triggering article 50 so we understand what the government actually knew/when and whether this assessment was inline with the mandate (and public statements/actions) or NOT. If no such assessment exists or if it does exist but is based on flawed/biased assumptions/analysis hence keeping it under wraps then they’re in worse trouble than I thought. Plenty of questions that need answers and people in government need to understand that accountability related to political sleaze/deception and even sheer incompetence has NO timespan – particularly when national interest is at stake – but political power most certainly does and abuse of power has an even shorter timespan; and while they’re at it they need to keep a close eye on the cost (economic and political) of a delayed deal with the EU because these will also be calculated at some point and they will eventually have to face up to direct consequences of their actions.

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