After much deliberation the EU finally decides to go for the nuclear option hitting us with firm unanticipated exit card, a Halloween card. Well at least we can fall off the BREXIT cliff on a high note, though when it comes to the celebrations I would expect us all to be wearing the same costumes – that of zombies. OK, I am exaggerating again; however we certainly have one heck of a Zombie who just won’t go away though I suspect it May well happen on a sunny May Day.

Now on a more serious note let me make a few relevant points;

  1. We need to understand that a prolonged extension – which October most certainly is – irrespective of the fact that we may well need it to resolve the BREXIT nugget, translates to prolonged agony for the country because of the uncertainty involved. In other words the expectation should be an actual plan in very short order so that we do not run the clock yet again. What we need is a negotiation timeline and implementation timeline so that we’re all clear on the process and sign up to it. If politicians fail to agree on such a process pretty soon and instead concentrate on the detail then we might as well end this saga right now because we’ll most certainly hit the disastrous negotiation paralysis yet again.
  2. Theresa May has to go one way or another and the reason is simply this; beyond the matter of complete/utter incompetence and the national humiliation she’s come to represent for this country, BREXIT for her has become less of a national challenge and more of an ego trip where she’s keen to put the entire national interest at risk so that she falls fighting to the last shred of national respect/dignity we have as a country – yes the ultimate cost is on us not her. Failures for her mean absolutely nothing and the blame always always goes the other way. This is hardly the mentality you want for a leader at this precise moment in our history and this based on painful/present experience.
  3. As for the fear by some of more hardliners taking on the leadership, I said it before here and I say it again; these ideologues are using Theresa May as a political shield because they know full well that they are incapable of meeting the expectations they’ve set up for themselves and their support base in their arrogant statements; this not to mention the fact that the majority of the British people do not support their appeal for a hard BREXIT. In other words if we want to challenge these ideologues lets bring them to the front line and let them take some responsibility and the “can” that comes with it. This actually will help dispel the myth of BREXIT once and for all and in a big way. Here is a clip of a similar situation in the United States being discussed on CNN on the Anderson Cooper 360 show while interviewing military historian Max Boot about Steven Miller’s direct involvement/influence behind the scenes on national security issues where Max argues something along the line of “let’s make it official”. You see in my mind self-preservation of the genius politicians running the country is one of the reasons we’re still here rather than off the cliff. But then again the damage already done to this country at so many levels will take a generation or 2 to fix, so whatever our destiny may be with this BREXIT thing we’ve got one heck of climb to make. So for the new generation I would say this; you’ve certainly got your work cut out for you – good luck and stay safe!

Interesting times ahead, mostly for spectators but not necessarily for the country.

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